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At King's Carpet Cleaning, we believe that putting in a lot of hard work ensures the best and fastest service. We are here to provide you the most suitable and highest solutions for your needs with a professional estimation.


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Our process is a quality bonnet carpet cleaning process. It is a low moisture cleaning system, allowing for quick drying. Our cleaning solution is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and non-soapy. It is safe for pets, young children, and the environment. Our four-step process is as follows.

  1. We thoroughly sweep floorboards and Vacuum with a high-power commercial vacuum.

  2. We lightly spray the carpet with our eco-friendly, non-toxic, and non-soapy cleaning solution. This solution breaks down dirt particles preparing the carpet for dirt removal. This solution does not leave any soap residue on the carpet. Meaning the carpet will stay cleaner longer.

  3. We use a buffer and a thick absorbent pad that removes dirt particles in the carpet.

  4. We brush the carpet so that the carpet fibers will dry and typically takes less than two hours to dry, leaving the carpet clean and fresh

We pay special care to stains and highly trafficked areas in the carpet. We also treat pet stains and odor. The finished product is beautiful, and you will be so happy with it.


More About Us


King's Carpet Cleaning is a father-son business. Roland and Charlie King wanted to learn about creating a business while benefiting their community. So they set off to create a business of their own.

Their carpet cleaning journey started with Roland's father, Larry King. He owned and operated a carpet cleaning franchise for over 30 years. Growing up, Roland learned all his dad knew about cleaning carpets and worked for him for several years.

Today, Roland has taught his son the trade of cleaning carpets and now co-operates their own business. They hope to grow together while providing quality service to families of Skagit, Snohomish, and Whatcom counties.

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Located in Burlington WA

+1 (360) 515-3711

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