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We provide a quality bonnet carpet cleaning process. which is a low moisture cleaning system, Allowing for a quick drying process. Our cleaning solution is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, and non-soapy cleaner. It is safe for pets, young children, and the environment. Our four step process is as follows.

  1. We thoroughly sweep floor boards and Vacuum with a high power commercial Vacuum.

  2. We lightly spray carpet with our non soapy cleaning solution, that breaks down deep dirt particles which prepares carpet to be cleaned. This solution is specifically designed to not leave any soap residue in carpet, which allows it carpet to stay cleaner longer

  3. We then we will us a buffer and a thick absorbent pad that removes broken down dirt particles in the carpet.

  4. We then brush the carpet so that the carpet fibers will dry properly. which typically takes less than two hours

We pay special attention to tough spots and stains, as well as highly trafficked areas in the carpet. We also treat any pet stains and odor.

We charge each customer individually based on needs and area. We charge by room or by square footage. We charge $60 for an average size room (about 150 square feet). We charge 40 cents per square foot. With a minimum charge of $120.

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Located in Burlington WA

+1 (360) 515-3711

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